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Interview with Dave Katz from ekoostik hookah

Dave Katz – ekoostik hookah

Dave Katz – ekoostik hookah

Interview and Photos by Scott Preston

I had the chance to chat with Dave Katz, vocalist and keyboard player for one of my most favorite bands in the world, ekoostik hookah. My experiences with the band go back 15 years, hundreds of shows in 3 different countries (The U.S., Holland, and Jamaica), 23 hookahville’s, and a few thousand photos.

Cincy Groove: So this year is bringing up hookahville 29 and 30, has it sunk in that there has been 30 hookahville‘s?

Dave Katz: Actually now that you mention it, no. I think overall its pretty impressive, there aren’t too many festivals that have ever gone that many. Although its a little deceiving, since there are 2 a year but still.

Cincy Groove: ekoostik hookah has organized and produced most of the hookahville‘s yourself correct?

Dave Katz: Yeah, we have done most of them. Although now its nice to just goto hookahvilleand hang out now. Continue reading