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Interview with Phil Risko, New Bass Player for ekoostik hookah

Phil Risko from ekoostik hookah

Phil Risko from ekoostik hookah

Interview by Scott Preston

Some of you may know who Phil Risko is and some of you may not. But starting soon a lot more people will be seeing a lot more of Phil. Starting in February Phil will be taking over the bass guitar duties for ekoostik hookah. Phil has most recently played bass for The Recipe and for Greenleif, a band he co-founded in 2003. Departing longtime ekoostik hookah bass player, Cliff Starbuck also introduced Phil to the crowd at the band’s NYE show at The Newport Music Hall, where Phil jammed with Cliff and the band during Sister Sugar (video clip below) and Ballad of Sam McCully.

Cincy Groove: When did you first start playing bass? Was there a reason you chose bass over other instruments?

Phil Risko: I got my first bass when I was 15. I picked it up just by listening to the radio and figuring out songs by playing along so I’ve had no lessons. I started playing out in the music scene when I was 18 with my first band which gave me exposure to the whole festival scene which was great. I chose bass because I knew that a good bass player is hard to find and both of my brothers already played the guitar and drums so I figured why not the bass as well. Along with the bass I can play the guitar and drums.

Cincy Groove: What other bands do you or have you played in?

Phil Risko: My first band Greenleif was a funk blues rock type started by me and my good friend Ryan Beke. That’s the band that I’ve been playing with for the past 7 years. I recently at the beginning of the summer joined The Recipe and played with them up until now. Continue reading