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It’s a new era for Ekoostik Hookah, Phil Risko talks about his first show with eH

Phil Risko from ekoostik hookah

Phil Risko from ekoostik hookah

Written by Gretchen Gregory – gretchen.gregory@gmail.com

BOWLING GREEN — When Ekoostik Hookah’s new bass player walked onto the Clazell Theatre stage Thursday, he was admittedly a little apprehensive about his first performance in front of adoring fans – some of which have been following the band for two decades.

“I didn’t really know what to expect just because for the past two months I’ve been cramming as much as I could into my head, but I didn’t know how they played on stage,” admitted Phil Risko in an interview early this week. “When I first went out on stage I was tense, but by the second set I was a lot more comfortable.”

Standing in the same spot where Cliff Starbuck often stood, Risko played his first Hookah songs, flanked by Fred the Penguin – a cultural icon among some Hookah fans – over his right shoulder.

“All in all we thought it went as well as it could have gone,” he explained while strumming the strings of his bass guitar. “I mean there were a couple spots that I know I didn’t get perfectly down, but that was because I was cramming everything down in a short time. I listened to a couple of the recordings and you can’t really tell where I messed up, but I’m a perfectionist so it annoys me until I get it right.” Continue reading