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The Ville Returning To Clay’s Park Aug 29 – Sept 1 – Featuring ekoostik hookah, Keller Williams, Larry Keel & More


The Ville Music Festival Summer 2014 returns to Clay’s Park Resort in North Lawrence, Ohio this Labor Day Weekend, August 29-30-31. This will mark the fourth time the festival has been held at this amazing venue, complete with wooded camping, grass covered dance area, and a beautiful water park that is suitable for adults and children of all ages. Brought to you by Crazylegs productions, and hosted by Ohio’s own ekoostik hookah, the event is a 3 day music festival featuring live music well into the wee morning hours, and an atmosphere that will please both experienced festival goers and newcomers alike. Continue reading

Hookahfamily.com Wants To See Your Photos!!

Hello everyone :)  It’s been a while since the site has been updated, but I have finally uploaded some new stuff.  I started with all my ekoostik hookah material, but I also want to see what everyone else has.  If you have shot photos at an ekoostik hookah show, not just of the band but also of all the cool people, send them over.  I want to see them :)  Send an email to Scott – cincygroove@gmail.com