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Show Review – ekoostik hookah, Hookah In The Hills, 4.3.10, Guysville, OH

ekoostik hookah

ekoostik hookah

Written by Gretchen Gregory – gretchen.gregory@gmail.com
Photo by Erin McMillen

GUYSVILLE — John Mullins is gone and he isn’t coming back. That’s the official word from Dave Katz of Ekoostik Hookah, who says the band is considering possible replacements of one of the original founders of the band that popularized the Columbus jam scene.

Comments have run the gamet the past two days on whether this change is good, as the message boards have lit up with ideas on what this means for the band.

While critics say Mullins’ sound is no good and the band is better off, others enjoy the raspy way he sings, often leaving them hungry for more. Whichever side you’re on, however, many regard the man’s song writing abilities over the years as some of the best the band has produced. Continue reading